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Monday, 20 June 2011

Fathers day

Fathers day

The build up was just my style, mum called me Wednesday, I was with my best friend, I take the call and the abuse starts. Up till this point I was having a perfect day, id woken in the arms of my lover after a perfect night together.

I ask are you drunk calmly "yes I'm fucking off my head" is the reply. 'fuck off, fuck off' is then mumbled by her, I ask what her point is, she wants to know what's happening Sunday (fathers day).

I don't know I tell her, I will let you know when I do, she shouts "fucking tell me now you bitch" I don't understand the tone of it all then the penny drops but I chose to not let on and hang up.

A few hours later I call at the house to see if she was 'off her gead'. She certainly wasn't right but I couldn't of sworn she was drunk.

I ask "what was the abusive call about"

"what call?"

"the call where you told me you were off your fucking nut" I reply trying to stay calm.

"I never said that" she snaps back

"you were demanding to know what's happening on Sunday as well"

"well what is happening?" She growls

"so now you are admitting to calling me?" I ask, bemused by the game playing

"I only called to ask what's happening, you were the one that got abusive"

I get up, as I'm about to leave I turn to her and say "you are single handedly unpicking what's left of this family, Sunday will be for the kids and (hubby) only, I won't tolerate this anymore"

She screams at me "you are the one that has done this, you have ruined my marriage even your brother hates you"

I leave, she can't see I'm crying.

By the time I get home the answer phone is littered with messages asking for me to call her, as I'm deleting them she calls again and I answer.

"I'm not sure why you came here and did that to me" she says "I just want to know if your dad is coming over on Sunday, I'm going away if he does" she hisses.

"no, you have decided for me" I choke back my tears "you have no idea how heart breaking it is to have your mother do this, you are making it harder to care"

"you never fucking cared about me" She screams

I hung up.

Sunday morning dad sneaks over and enjoys fresh baked brownies and hugs with the kids while he pretended he was going to the shops.

Hubby was so supportive (NOT). he refused to lift a finger as it was his day! I'm happy to spoil on such days but it's a reciprocal arrangement. Motherday and his birthday clashed this year so nothing happened for me except hugs and cards from the kids.

Sunday he wouldn't even help with the kids. I make smoked salmon and eggs for breakfast, carpet picnic for lunch and steak for tea. As I walk through with the steak I discover he has opened the champagne and is toasting being a great dad with the kids.

I want to shove that bottle somewhere it would need medical assistance to remove it.

My only moment of joy is when my hubby asked for a drink and daughter chirps up "I think you are pushing your luck, you did nothing like this for mummy".