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Friday, 13 January 2012

Sorry, been a while...

Been meaning to post an update for a while but not had the chance or wished to dwell to much on stuff recently. Needing to keep moving forward and focus on positives as much as I can.

Been hard over last few weeks as mum is drinking more than ever and is on such a downward spiral and trying to take as many relationships with her as possible. It's so hard to see as I know the outcome will be her so lonely at the end.

Officially not speaking with brother, can't say this is a disappointment but I am pleased that its due to him being a petulant self centred arse and it's evident to all. After him preaching that me and dad didn't know what we were doing with mum and that he would look after her he has, after a brief moment of care decided it isn't positive for his family to have mum there, really? Was that not what I was saying?

Hubby is still being an arse, highlighted so perfectly on my birthday he did nothing, gave nothing, said nothing, Xmas day after opening thoughtful gifts from me he offered up the packet of men's socks. I feel like its a metaphor for our relationship.

On a happy note... YSL is filling in the blanks, he is keeping me happy, being such a good friend and bring there for me, allowing me to be a good mum and keep smiling.