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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Escape hatch please

Life's a bit upside down at the moment and I'm more than a bit battle weary.

Mum is the main cause of friction and causing so much disruption to life. Dad was initially staying here but he moved back home last week because mum cancelled the care service. She knew dad wouldn't let her be without care,she has manipulated the situation perfectly.

Good news is dad has put house up for sale and pushing forward with divorce.

Brother thinks he is god he told mum to confess her sins and all would be forgiven. The day the house went up for sale and reality hit hard she decided to confess she is an alcoholic. I get a text and several calls from brother lecturing me on how mum is moving forward and I shouldn't be so selfish and negative. Saying I'm an alcoholic in desperation to stop dad leaving her is not fixing it, she would of confessed to anything if she thought it would stop her losing the house.

I've told him I will believe her when her actions prove it.

The nightmare bit is though my mum has promised my daughter she Wong ever drink again, that's a promise she can't keep I don't think and it's going to break my daughters heart if she does.

Dads still coming to the house daily spending time with the kids and me, I welcome him buy it's emotionally draining me. It's hard work keeping him upbeat and focused as he us so depressed and ill with everything going on.

The pressure he is getting from my brother to stay with mum is so unfair. Because he lives hundreds of miles away and doesn't see what's happening, he doesn't have to deal with anything other than the odd drunk phone call he thinks her admission of guilt is enough. He needs to be here and know what it's like to find her slumped in her own vomit, hear the vile threats and name calling, be hit when your trying to stop her hurting herself.

I really need a break, I'm thinking of disappearing next week for a few days, catch my breath and do something for me.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Daughter is a bad loser!

There is little to add other than I won at monopoly! 

I do think chopping off my hand would be a slightly extreme reaction.

Would you let them win ?

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Still in hospital

Following last weeks fiasco with mum she is still in hospital, they've had to operate 3 times on her ankle, they've put plates in it now and they are keeping her in. Good thing is it's drying her out.

Downside is the begging and pathetic phone calls from her pretending she's this weak ill victim that needs visitors. I ignored the first few calls, I was away in London on business and meeting a blog friend and found it best to ignore.

Yesterday she called and I decided to answer it, she asked since I was back from London could I pop in and bring the tweezers. I was direct but calm and said no, I would not be calling in, I'm done, I have no interest in being verbally znd physically battered by a drunk. She gets angry and tells me to visit tonight or I was evil fir not seeing my sick mother. I answer calmly you are a drunk and liar, deal with that and we might begin to speak again until then don't bother calling.

I sat shaking after the call.

It looks like she will be in hospital for at least another week, dads telling her tomorrow he's going for a divorce. I want him to do it while she is sober in hospital and being watched by the medical staff.